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Poster: Chris Mank Date: Jan 2, 2017 11:38am
Forum: news Subject: PBS News Hour - Internet history is fragile. This archive is making sure it doesn't disappear

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: We’re increasingly cataloging our lives online, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, seemingly endless YouTube videos. It’s a digital-first and often digital-only world.

The advantages of this unlimited digital storage seem obvious, but how permanent are some of those records? How do we preserve digital history?

Jeffrey Brown has the story, part of our ongoing series Culture at Risk.

JEFFREY BROWN: So, this is like an ancient temple come to life in a modern age.

BREWSTER KAHLE, Founder, Internet Archive: In a modern day. It’s a Greek-style building, which we loved, because the whole idea is the Library of Alexandria reborn now.

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